There are multiple reasons why a document preview won’t be available on FutureVault. Please find below some of the reasons:

Microsoft Office documents are password-protected

FutureVault uses a third-party program to generate all the previews of your documents. For example, if you upload a Word document the third-party program’s PDF generation process reads and converts the document to a PDF so that way you can preview it in your browser. However, if you download the document it will be in its original format.

Imagine that your document is divided into two layers, one is the PDF that allows you to see the preview and the other one is your original document. NOTE: The third-party program will read the document without uploading it to any servers, and it does not save it.

If the documents have a Microsoft Extension (i.e. doc, xls, ppt) and password-protected, the PDF converter won’t be able to read to the document itself to create the second layer; therefore, the system cannot convert it into a pdf to show the preview. Nevertheless, if the file is a password-protected PDF file the third-party program doesn’t have to convert it to a PDF, so it will show you the original document and only ask the user to add the password before unlocking the preview.

The document may be corrupted

To verify that your file hasn't been corrupted. Try to open it with some other application on your desktop. If the file doesn't open with another desktop app, then it has likely been corrupted.

Next, verify that the file has the correct extension. If an extension is incorrect, the file won't preview.

Once you've verified that the file isn't corrupted and has a valid extension, simply open or download the file to preview it.

The document extensions are accepted but cannot be previewed

Sometimes, FutureVault won’t be able to generate the preview of the document because of the extension they have. Below, you can find a list of the document extensions that we cannot generate the preview. However, you can always download the file to be able to preview it.

Document File
Rich Text  Format