How to Upload a Document?

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Depending on the type of access and permission the user has, they will have different ways to upload a document available. In some ways, the user needs to have specific access to the area, like the Unfiled section. Here are some ways to upload a document in a Vault:

Step-by-step guide:

When uploading documents, utilize the 'Upload Preference' feature to assign one or more Entities to a specific document.

Learn more about the Entities feature and how to manage them here.  

Using the Upload Button

Step 1: Click the '+' button on the top right of the screen.

  • Select "Upload Documents"

Step 2: Select the location and click 'Upload to this location' 

  • You can save the file under any subcategory, or folder. 
  • Select the category and sub-category where you would like to save your document. 
  • You can also choose to upload the documents to the Unfiled section by clicking on the button on the left-button corner.

Step 3: Choose the Entity you want to assign this document to and click 'Start Upload'.

  • If you are uploading documents to the company folders by default the primary entity will be selected.
  • If you have access to the private folders, you will be able to choose one entity.

Step 4: A pop-up upload status will be displayed.

  • If the files are uploaded correctly a green checkmark will appear.
  • If not a red notification mark will display an error message.

Using the right-click

Step 1: Right-click in any white space to bring the Upload button menu.

Step 2: Select the location and click 'Upload to this location'.

Step 3: Choose the Entity you want to assign this document to and click 'Start Upload'.

Dragging and Dropping in any subcategory or folder

Step 1: Go to the location you want to upload the documents.

  • Users can only upload documents into a subcategory or folder.
  • Files cannot be saved in the main root folder or category.

Step 2: Select the files and drag them into the document area.

  • The section will turn blue and indicate the number of documents been dropping.

Step 3: Drop the documents.

Using the Inbound Email

Your clients have a personal inbound email address that allows any user to send documents directly to the Vault. By default, the "sponsors" users (who provide you with the Vault)  don't have access to this area. If you need to share with them you can add this permission in their contacts or move the document to the company folder

Step 1: Copy and paste the inbound email in the 'To' section.

  • If you have manager access, you can find the inbound email address in the 'Unfiled Documents' tab. If not, you can ask your client or send us an email to support.

Step 2: Attach a document to the email and click send

Info! The email needs to have a file attached to be able to be accepted for the Vault.
  • If you have access to this section, the first time a file is received from any email, you will need to recognize it as a trusted sender to be able to move it. Once you trust this sender, you will be able to file any document from this sender. To do this, just follow the next steps:
      • Step 1: Click on the email address. 
      • Step 2: A pop-up will ask you if you want to trust this sender. Click 'Yes (Trust)'.
  • To save one document just right-click on it and select the Action 'Move to My Documents'. Then, select the location and choose the Entity and click “Move”.  You can move multiple files to one location by selecting all the files you need, click on the Action button in the right-top area, and select 'Move to My Documents'.

Uploading directly to the 'Unfiled' Area

If you have a Premium Vault you can upload document to this section and organized them later.

Step 1: If you have a Premium Vault you can access to the Unfiled area, click on this tab.

Step 2: Choose one or multiple documents and drag them to the document section.

Step 3: Drop the documents

  • The section will turn blue and indicate the number of documents been dropping.
  • Success! If the owner of the Vault has enabled the notification preference, they will receive an any when you upload documents to the 'Unfiled' area.

Info! Use the 'Shift U' keyboard shortcut to easily Upload Documents.
'Shift U' keyboard shortcut

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