"Expiring Documents" Feature: Elevate Your Document Compliance and Management

Modified on: Mon, 17 Jun, 2024 at 4:01 PM

Discover our new Expiring Documentsfeature, empowering admins with greater control.

With Expiring Documents, expiration (and/or renewal) dates can be added to documents, making it easy to track and manage documents that are past their expiration date or documents that are expiring in the future, giving you and your team oversight on what needs attention, updating or refreshing. 

Stay tuned as there will be more updates and enhancements with Expiring Documents to help automate your workflow and create firm-wide efficiencies.

Effectively Manage Expiring Documents in FutureVault

What's the Buzz About Expiring Documents?

Our latest update to the platform introduces Expiring Documents, an innovative and unique capability designed for the proactive assignment and tracking of expiration dates (and/or renewal dates) on critical documents—from KYC and annual meetings to government-issued IDs like your clients' Passports and even contracts—Expiring Documents is accessible from a dedicated area on the left-hand menu in your navigation. 

This feature transforms compliance into a streamlined process, cutting down on the need for multiple platforms and reducing operational costs.

Why 'Expiring Documents' Should be Part of Your Toolkit?

Seamlessly incorporated into Vault, Expiring Documents offers the following standout capabilities:

1. Centralized Expiry Management tab for Admins/Reps:  Admins and Representatives can overview all expiring documents across advisor and client Vaults on one page. They can filter the expiring documents based on their expiration period as well as visually identify documents nearing expiration or expired with amber and red highlights, ensuring no important dates are missed.

2. Assign Expiration Date to Documents: From the side panel or with a quick right-click on a document, users can easily set and update expiration dates for any document.

3. One-Click Resolution: Resolve expiring documents swiftly with a simple right-click or toggle button from the side panel, making record-keeping efficient and accurate.

4. Convenient Previews: Quickly preview documents via the side panel without fully opening each file, saving time and effort.

Info! The 'Expiring Documents' feature is disabled by default. To activate this feature on your platform, please reach out to our support team at support@futurevaultinc.com.

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