Simplified Folder Deletion Process

Modified on: Mon, 17 Jun, 2024 at 4:03 PM

Direct Folder Deletion: Once the documents inside a folder are deleted, the folder can be deleted immediately without extra steps.

We have made significant enhancements to our folder management capabilities, including a quick 2-step process to easily delete folders, eliminating the cumbersome steps previously required to delete folders containing documents.

Previously, when users wanted to delete a folder that contained documents, they had to follow these steps:

  1. Delete documents: Users had to manually delete each document within the folder.
  2. Permanent deletion: Users then needed to navigate to the 'Deleted' tab to permanently delete each document inside the folder.
  3. Delete the folder: Only after completing the above steps could users delete the folder itself.

This multi-step process was time-consuming and often confusing for users.

Key benefits of the simplified process:

  • Direct folder deletion: Once the documents inside a folder are deleted, the folder can be deleted immediately without any additional steps.
  • Restoration of documents: Documents that have been deleted from the folder can still be restored from the 'Deleted' area. However, users will need to specify a new location for the restored documents since the original folder no longer exists.

New steps to delete documents:

  1. Delete the documents inside the folder:

    • Navigate to the folder containing the documents you wish to delete.
    • Select all of the documents.
    • Select the 'Delete' action.
  2. Delete the folder:

    • Once the documents are deleted, you can now delete the folder directly without any further steps.
  3. Restore documents if needed:

    • Go to the 'Deleted' tab to view and restore deleted documents.
    • Select the documents you want to restore and choose a new folder location for them.

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