Bug Fixes for Users

Modified on: Mon, 17 Jun, 2024 at 4:03 PM

These fixes are part of our ongoing commitment to improve your experience and provide a seamless, efficient platform for all administrative tasks.

Trusted Collaborator Creation Across Entities:

Issue Fixed: Previously, Administrators were unable to create Trusted Collaborators for Entities other than the default Entity.

Resolution: Admins can now seamlessly create Trusted Collaborators for any Entity, enhancing flexibility, collaboration, and management across the platform.

Notifications for Trusted Collaborator Uploads:

Issue Fixed: Admins were not receiving notifications when Trusted Collaborators uploaded documents under folders at level 3 and beyond, leading to missing the critical flow and exchange of information and documents.

Resolution: This bug has been fixed, and notifications are now correctly sent to Administrators.

Creating Reminders on Documents:

Issue Fixed: Administrators were unable to create reminders on documents stored under company folders.

Resolution: Admins can now easily set reminders on any document within company folders, helping them stay organized and on top of important tasks, as well as deliver more value to clients. 

Uploading Documents to Specific Entities:

Issue Fixed: There was an issue preventing Admins from uploading documents to specific Entities (tagging Entities).

Resolution: This functionality has been restored, allowing Admins to accurately upload and tag documents to intended Entities without any hassle.

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