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Modified on: Fri, 16 Feb, 2024 at 9:06 AM

Unlock productivity with our latest feature: fillable PDF completion inside the vault and customizable email notifications for seamless workflow management, exclusively available to select clients!

At FutureVault, we recognize the unique challenges faced by financial advisors, wealth managers, credit unions, etc. in managing vast amounts of sensitive documentation. That's why we're excited to announce our latest innovation: Fillable PDFs, specifically designed to streamline document processes and enhance your ability to provide top-notch client services. From seamless form completion and simplified client onboarding to efficient loan processing and straightforward annotations and note-taking, the new feature is set to transform your operations.

When opening a document, users will find that PDFs containing fillable fields allow for effortless data input by simply clicking on the designated areas.

Furthermore, users can click on the "Save" button located in the top right corner of the file preview to preserve the current version they are working on. If they wish to resume later, they must access the latest version of the file. It's important to note that the system will not overwrite the original document. However, users have the option to rename the file by appending descriptors such as "DRAFT" or "Version 1." Once the document is finalized, users can utilize the "Send Email Notification" feature to alert their advisor for review.

Additionally, this new feature offers a range of other functionalities. Users can access these tools by clicking on the pencil icon situated in the top preview pane to access the Fillable PDF toolkit. This toolkit is thoughtfully categorized into five key sections:

  • Drawing/Highlighting Tools: Enhance your documents with intuitive drawing and highlighting capabilities, allowing for detailed attention to specific sections.
  • Add Image, Stamp, and Link: Incorporate images, apply stamps for approval or verification, and insert links to additional resources or related documents.
  • Add Note: Embed notes directly into your PDFs for personal reminders or to provide context for colleagues and clients.
  • Add Text and Callout: Easily insert text blocks or callout comments for clearer annotations and explanations.
  • Add Shapes: Use shapes to draw attention to important areas, organize information visually, and improve the document's navigability.

Info! This feature is available only on selected client portals. For more information about how to enable this new feature on our portal, please reach out to our dedicated Customer Success team.

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