Enhanced Specific File Upload Requests

Modified on: Thu, 21 Dec, 2023 at 1:31 PM

Introducing the new 'Specific File Upload Link' feature that offers a targeted and secure method of requesting specific documents, enabling users to clearly define the exact documents needed and from whom, thus, complementing the 'Generic Upload Request'.

Exciting news! We've enhanced the Secure File Request feature by adding a new capability: the Specific File Upload Request. This addition complements the existing Generic File Upload Link by providing the capability to now securely request specific documents that will get uploaded in a designated folder location. 

While the Generic File Upload Link is suited for gathering broader, less specific documents and can be included in your email signature, Specific File Upload Link Requests allow Admin users (including Head Office and Advisory teams) to specify exactly which documents are needed and from whom. 

Note: All upload links are conveniently manageable from the ‘Shared’ tab.

Key Features

  • Specify the exact documents that you need clients/users to upload.
  • Schedule requests, set reminders, and expiration dates for each request.
  • Secure requests with password-protected links.
  • Receive email notifications when files are uploaded.
  • Notify other contacts about the File Upload Request.
  • Folders with Specific File Upload Links are marked with a link icon and the aggregated requests appear under the 'Shared' tab making them easily identifiable.

Create the Specific File Upload Link in Three Steps

Step 1. In the Client or User Vault, choose the folder, for document collection, right-click and select 'File Upload Request'. Then select 'Specific File Request'.

Step 2. Customize the Specific File Upload Request: 

  • Specify the file upload request name for context.
  • List the documents you need.
  • Add the contact from whom you are requesting the documents. Uploading of files is limited to individuals added to this list exclusively.
  • Schedule the request and set reminder frequency.
  • Add request expiration dates.
  • Secure the request further with passwords (optional).

Step 3. Share Your Link: In the next step, send the customized link to the recipients i.e. clients or collaborators either through the direct email send option or by copying the Upload Link and sending it through your chosen communication channel.

Two-Step Upload

On receiving the Specific File Upload link, clients/collaborators simply need to follow a Two-Step process:

Step 1: Enter the name, email and password if required.

Step 2: Upload documents as listed by name.

Specific File Upload Requests Within FutureVault

All your file upload requests, both Generic and Specific, can be conveniently managed under the ‘Shared’ tab in the left main menu. This tab allows you to view, modify, or delete any file requests.
Upload File Links for company folders can only be created for Level 2 or deeper level folders; they cannot be created or associated with parent (level 1) folders.

Enhancements to the Generic File Upload

You can easily assign a name to your Generic File Requests for easy identification when viewing all links under the Share tab. Additionally, decide whether you'd like to receive email notifications when other users upload documents.

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