Introducing Personalized Main Contact Cards

Modified on: Thu, 21 Dec, 2023 at 1:31 PM

Transform client interactions with personalized contact cards in client vaults—effortlessly manage and tailor each engagement for an elevated experience!

Administrators and Representatives can now personalize and manage contact cards in Vaults (client and advisor/professional) to provide a more connected experience., 

Each Vault can display up to two contact cards relevant to the user. Admins/Reps can easily assign or unassign their own or any other user's contact card across multiple Vaults in one go. These contact cards will be displayed in the right-hand side panel of the Vaultholder's viewing experience, offering a personalized and connected experience for clients. 

Any updates to the contact card can be effortlessly managed through 'Account Settings' in the top right corner, and these changes will be seamlessly reflected across all Vaults where the same card is used.

Personalize and Assign Contact Cards to Vaults in FutureVault

Deactivating a user whose contact card is displayed in Vaults, removes their card, and reactivation of the same user requires re-assignment.
Multi-tier support is available, and Corporate Vaults do not display cards.

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