Checklist Improvements: Individual Document Filing Locations & Updated UI

Modified on: Wed, 20 Sep, 2023 at 10:27 AM

Improved functionality and overall experience when creating, managing, and using checklists to request and uplaod documents.

Our latest release comes with improvements to the functionality and overall experience of checklists and requesting documents within FutureVault.

Individual Document Filing Locations 

Vault Administrators and Representatives now have the ability to select and assign the filing location per individual checklist item.

When creating a new Checklist Template, Admins and Reps will still need to assign a Default filing location for the checklist. Depending on the Checklist itself or the type(s) of documents being requested, Admins and Reps may need to file these documents in different folders for better organization. This is where being able to override the Default location by selecting and assigning the individual filing location comes into play. 

Watch the video below of how Admins and Reps can select and assign an individual filing location.

Checklist UI Improvements

Along with the above improvement, the overall design and interface of the Checklist functionality has been improved to create more consistency across all areas of the Vault. Stay tuned for more improvements, updates, and enhancements coming to Checklists in the near future!

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