Account is Locked Out. What can I do?

Modified on: Mon, 28 Aug, 2023 at 3:04 PM

If you are locked out of your account, please wait for 5 minutes and log in again. The first login after the unlock should be done on the same device i.e. if you were locked out on the mobile, then you should log in after 5 minutes on the mobile only.

The account is locked when the user enters his/her password incorrectly more than five times or uses an incorrect Multi-Factor Authorization. The system will show you an error message saying: 'User is Locked'

By default, the system unlocks itself after 5 minutes and the user can log in again with the correct credentials. 

Once the account is locked, even if you add the correct email or password, you will need to wait until the account is unlocked. Please be aware that if you keep trying, the system will keep adding extra time for every attempt. So, If you cannot remember the password, please wait for 5 minutes, then go to the login page, and click on "Forgot your password".

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