Enhanced Search Experience

Modified on: Tue, 1 Aug, 2023 at 3:02 PM

All Vault Holders (including Administrators) now have access to a dedicated search page where they can effortlessly view all search results related to their query, preview documents, and apply filters, such as sorting by label and dates. Furthermore, this update introduces a search enhancement to the document audit trail found under the History option.

In this platform update (Version 4.5), we are excited to introduce an enhanced search experience, bringing more efficiency to navigating and searching for information within the Vault.

Dedicated Search Page

When searching for documents, folders, or contacts in the top search box, you now have the option of clicking on 'View All' to open a dedicated search page. In this newly designed and dedicated search page, users have access to view all of the search results related to the search query and can easily apply additional filters such as sorting by label and dates, and explore further information, making it a seamless and powerful search experience.

Search within the History Tab

This update also introduces a search enhancement to the document audit trail maintained under the History option. Whether searching for specific users, actions taken on documents (such as downloading, sharing, or viewing), or simply organizing audit trail data more efficiently, this improvement makes it easy to view and retrieve the audit trail. 

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