Feature Enhancements for Administrators

Modified on: Tue, 1 Aug, 2023 at 2:14 PM

Administrators can now efficiently manage client representative access from the representative 'details' page. Additionally, the use of special characters such as &, (), and ' is now supported in the Vault's name.

The latest platform release brings several feature enhancements for Administrative Users. Admins can now efficiently manage client representative access to enhance control and overall security. Additionally, the recent update now allows for the use of special characters in client names when creating new Vaults, ensuring more accuracy of data and customization.

View the Representative's Vault list & assign new Vaults (Advisors or Clients) from the 'Details' page

From the newly designed Representative 'Details' page:

1. An administrator can now effortlessly view their Client List under the 'Access' tab. 

2. They can easily assign new clients to the representative from the 'Assign Clients' button. Just select the desired clients from the available pool and allocate them with a single click.

New special characters supported for the client's name

Say goodbye to name restrictions. Administrators can now use the special characters &, (), and ' in the Vaults's name when creating and updating Vaults. This update allows for more flexibility, accuracy, and importantly, customization, ensuring that each client's unique identity is properly represented in their records.

Adding Special Characters in Client Name

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