UI/UX Improvements and Additional Enhancements

Modified on: Tue, 1 Aug, 2023 at 1:59 AM

A number of UI/UX enhancements have been implemented in the new update such as adding custom icon for folders, resizing pop-up windows, printing documents, previewing long file names, introducing better contrast and font formats, etc.

Our recent platform update contains several visual improvements to the platform's interface and add-ons to existing features within your Vault. Below is a list of notable updates:

Add custom folder icons for more personalization

Administrators and Vault Holders can easily customize level 3 or deeper company folders (for multi-tier platforms) by selecting and adding an icon to new and existing folders(Vault Holders cannot edit existing company folders). For premium packages, Vault Holders can further customize the new and existing Personal Folders.

Add Custom Icons to Personal Folders

Documents, including the ones that are password protected, can now be printed from the Actions tab using the 'Print' option that is available.

Easily print documents in your Vault

Quickly resize pop-up windows

Any modal (pop-up) window in the Vault can now be expanded or compressed for the optimal viewing experience. These modals appear during various actions including creating new folders, uploading files directly from your desktop, creating new contacts (and users for Admins), and so forth. 

Quickly resize modal pop-up views in the Vault

Preview long file names

You can now preview the full name of long file names by hovering over the file.

Preview long file names

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