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Modified on: Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 4:36 PM

When filtering contacts now we have added the label "Contact" for a person that doesn't have any permission inside a vault, but may be associated to a document. Did you know the different type of contacts you can have inside a vault?

When a contact is added to a vault and they are not provided with any permission inside the system, this user type will be label as just contact. While users are inside the Contact tab.


How to filter per contact type

1. Click on the heather of "Contact Type", and select the label you would like to see (i.e. Contacts)

2. To clear the filters just click on "Clear All"

What are the different type of Contacts inside a vault?


Users that have their contact information inside a the vault (Email, Phone, Company, etc.) buy don't have any permission inside the vault. However, they can be associated to one or multiple documents, so the vault owner will know with who they work on specific file.

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Trusted Advisors

A person that have access to specific folder, area and / or entity inside a vault. This type of collaborators can be set by the vault owner, manager or administrative users (if applicable). Administrator users can only provided Trusted Advisor access to the folders, areas and entities they also have permission.


Only vault owners and users with manager access can assigned other managers. This type of permission give full access to all the areas, entities and folders inside a vault. Their access can be remove or downgrade to a simply Trusted Advisor at any time.


Can only be added by administrative users. This type of contact have full access to all the areas, entities and folders inside a vault. Their access cannot be remove by the primary owner.

Contacts, Trusted Advisors and Manager created by an administrative user will show a contact type - Sponsor Created, that indicated that they vault owner or manager cannot modify their permission.

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