Archive Email Conversations using the Unfiled feature

Modified on: Tue, 25 Apr, 2023 at 9:43 AM

Email threads can now be uploaded as a PDF in the Unfiled section using the Inbound Email Address and if the upload fails, senders will be notified via email.

Forward Emails to Unfiled Tab and Save them as PDF

Email threads (without any attachments) can now be forwarded to the Unfiled section of Vaults using the unique Inbound-Only  Email Address for the Vault Holder and they will be uploaded and deposited as a single PDF file. One can view the PDF file along with the original email using the quick access tab. 

Receive Notifications when the Document Attachment Fails to Upload in Unfiled.

Senders now receive a failure email notification if the document is not successfully delivered to the Unfiled Section. Documents may fail to upload mainly due to two reasons -- (1) either the attached document type/size is not supported or (2) the Vault storage is full. Thus, this email notification will inform the user of any upload failures and prevent any data loss.

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