Enhancements for Administrators

Modified on: Tue, 25 Apr, 2023 at 4:14 PM

Check the enhacements on the Representative experience, Activity Logs and more.

On these release we wanted to focus on improving the Representative experience, features that will help during integrations and enhancements on the activity log.

Representative can now send activation emails

If representative have access to Activate or Deactivate a vault that they have been assigned to, now they can also send activation email when vaults are on created or Invited status.

Displaying Folder Reference ID

We are introducing on the Admin view the Reference ID for each folder under the template Management tool, so you can used this information to complete or update integrations.

Activity Log improvements

Tracking updates on the Reference Number

We are going even more granular to show not only the main action but as well the details on the field.

Tracking movement of vaults

The Activity log will now also register when a vault has been moved from one portal to another portal under a 3-tier portal implementation.


  • Missing Bulk update of labels: user can now again bulk change the labels by selecting multiple documents,  right-click and choose the new label.

  • Entity showing 0/0 - advise users to go to their information tab and come back to the entity, it should automatically update the package.
  • Admins are not able to add and delete reminders to documents: administrative user can again create reminders per documents.

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