Notifications Improvement

Modified on: Tue, 13 Dec, 2022 at 11:34 AM

Get quick access to documents with the new Hyperlink on the Bell notifications, as well a new Unread section. Discover more on the all Notification page.

The Notifications function has been vastly updated and upgraded, from a new look and feel to adding a filter function and a hyperlink to any document that's uploaded to your vault. 


Notifications Overview:

Now you can see all the Unread notification in one section, and once they are dismissed you will find them on the All tab and the All Notification page. 

If you find the Notification window to small yo can now Expand it by using the icon on the top-right corner of the notification window.

By default, New notification are set at the top. If you would like to see the oldest notification, click on the filter to show the Oldest First.  


Notification Page

To get to the Notification page, click at the button of the Bell notification window to see All Notifications. You can now filter have all the filter available: Newest or Oldest,  Unread and All, by Actions Upload, Delete, Share, Reminder and any Update on your account like adding a Collaborator or if a administrative user has been assigned to the vault. Click and Un-click the icons on the filter to apply the filter. 

One of our most exciting new features, document hyperlinks. When any document within your vault is uploaded or deleted you will now get an annexed hyperlink which will take you straight to the document mentioned. The name of the document will be in blue to indicate that you can click (i.e. document t5-15e as shown in the image below) this will re-direct you to the document.

Opened Document:

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