Key Guidelines To Upgrading Your Vault

Modified on: Fri, 18 Nov, 2022 at 3:02 PM

As you can imagine, our team has been working hard behind the scenes, analyzing hundreds of feedback data points from our clients and researching the latest user experience practices to continuously deliver impactful improvements to your Digital Vault via New Software Releases. 

To ensure that you have a smooth experience upgrading your Digital Vault to the new version, please follow these three Key Guidelines:

Guideline 1: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

The first step to accessing the new platform is to clear the Browser Cache and Cookies and then go to the Login Page. Sometimes, the Browser may store certain information that impedes the user's ability to switch to the latest vault version from the legacy version. When this happens, the users may not be able to log into the system even if they are putting in the correct credentials or they may not see some information in their vault.

To clear your Browser Cache, you can either open an Incognito/Private Browser and then re-login OR refer to the steps mentioned in these articles:

Guideline 2: Download the latest Mobile App

If you are using the Mobile to access your account, please remove the Legacy App and download the latest Mobile App from the App Store/Marketplace for the best user experience. Here are the links:

Guideline 3: Log into the New Version at least once to be able to use certain features like Password Reset

One of the system requirements to be upgraded to the new system is to successfully log in AT LEAST ONCE in the new version with the correct credentials. However, if you forgot the password before you could log in to the new version, you will have to reach out to and our technical team will email you the instructions to re-activate your account with a new password.

Warning! If a new version is launched and the user is still in the legacy version i.e. he/she hasn't logged into the new version at least once, Forgot Your Password link will be disabled and users won't receive a Reset Password Email.

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