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Clone Representative

Cloning an existing user's permissions is a quick and easy way to assign similar folder permissions and access to the vault's clients. Just go to your User tab and follow these steps:

1. Right click on the representative your would like to clone

2. Add the basic information of the new user. Folder permission and vault assignments will be clone after you click Save.

Global Trusted Advisor

If you are working with 3er parties on multiple vaults, you will now be able to set their permission on your user tab and assign them to multiple vaults at the same time without accessing each vault. The Global Trusted Advisor will have the same permission to all the vault you have giving them access to, but can only have access up to a level 2 folder. 

Follow these steps to create your first Global Trusted Advisor:

1. Go to the Users tab

2. Click New User

3. Select Trusted Advisor on the Account Type

4. Select the Company / Sponsor folders they should have access (up to a level 2). Cannot set deeper permission on these type of collaborators.

To manage their folder permission and vault access after, you will need to go to the Users tab. Their permission won't be customize after inside a vault by any users, vault owner or manager.

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