Label feature enhancements

Modified on: Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 at 1:06 AM

Now users will be able to bulk change documents labels, and add also them to personal folders or on the Corporate Vault

In 4X, we have introduced the new Labels features that allow users to add a generic word to describe the type of documents or a specific workflow (Approved, Rejected, In Progress, etc.). We also have a long list of general labels for documents that users can pick from our list or create new ones. In this new release you will noticed you can:

Bulk update the labels in one click

Select multiple documents or personal folders, then right-click and select Label. You can created new labels or pick the ones from the list. Change to List view to see all the labels.

Add a label to Personal Folders

Now we have extended this feature to our folders, and you will also be able to bulk update and add these labels. 

By right-clicking a folder/document, you can see the Edit option and then choose the label of your choice to associate said folder/document. Please see below:

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