Collaboration improvements

Modified on: Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 at 12:08 PM

Introducing a the status to check if a collaborators has accepted the invitation and access the vault. Also, now you can manage if you would like to communicated or not when removing their permissions

We keep working on improving users experience when managing collaborators:

New Status for Collaborators (Trusted Advisor/Managers)

Check if your collaborator already accepted the invitation by checking their account status of the Contact Details. Double click or Right-Clicking on the Contact > View Contact. Below are the descriptions for each status:

  • Created: Trusted Advisor contact is created but no invitation email is sent to them to activate their account. To send the invitation, Click on Edit permission and Save. The system will ask if you would like to send the notification.
  • Invited: Invitation was sent to this Trusted Advisor but they have not activated their account. 
  • Active: Trusted Advisor has set a new password and activated their account.
  • Permission removed: It appears when the Trusted Advisor permission is removed for this contact.
  • If Status is hidden: No Trusted Advisor permissions is yet set for this contact.

Stop Notification when removing permissions

Now after clicking Remove Permissions, users will be ask if they would like to send the notification about this action to the collaborator. Providing you more control of the type of notification your collaborators received.

Enable Trusted Access Tab only when it's in used (for Enterprise / 3-Tier portal only)

This tab will appear in the user's left main menu ONLY when an administrative users has been added as a collaborators (Trusted Advisor / Managers) to a vault located in a different tier (i.e. Advisor Vault / Head Office Vault). If the advisor/administrator revokes the Trusted Advisor access, the Trusted Access Tab will disappear from the User's main menu. Applicable only for Multi-Tier platforms.

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