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Modified on: Wed, 28 Sep, 2022 at 1:05 AM

Are you an administrative user? Check this article to learn about some new and enhacements features that you can request

In this article you will find our most up-to date folders improvement and what you can expect in our new update, these include:

Outside of Business Activities Folders

Info! Only available in 4X - on Multi-Level portal and needs to be approved by the main company.

In an Enterprise organization, the head office has full access and control to their specified company folders (Sponsor folders) because they are providing a fixed structure for their different businesses with the advisors and with the investor.

However, sometimes even if you are part of that main enterprise portal, we encounter clients that need to have their own set of folders that the Head Office does not need access to. That is why we have introduced a new type of folder, The OBA folder.

This type of folder is a new feature that allows Advisor’s portals (sub-sponsors) to request a separate folder structure, whereas the head office doesn't have default access—Ask your administrator if you can request this feature to be enabled in your portal.

In other words, OBA folders are folders that are hidden from the view of the head office and are intended only for the view of the vault owner and their direct admins.

Example Scenario: 

  • Company ABC owns and operates 100 broker firms and each of those broker firms have their own private clientele. 
  • Each of the brokers and their clientele can use OBA folders. 
  • Company ABC will not have access or can view such folders. 
  • Thus creating further layers of security and privacy for specific "need to know" stakeholders.

Company Private Section

Info! Available only on 2-Tier portals. 

Having a true single location of all documents related to a client has always been challenging because sometimes companies have internal documents that don't need to be shared with clients. That is why we have introduced the Company Private Section

Now you can request to set a fixed folder structure even for your Internal documents to keep everything organized and secured. Like your Company folders, you will need to define a level 1 (Category) and a level 2(Sub-Category) folder.  

This new area is only available for administrative users, and their access can be customized. The system will help you choose the correct location when you upload documents. Would you want to enable this feature? Contact your Customer Success team or send an email to Support.

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