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Modified on: Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 4:47 PM

Depending on your role and permission the main of a vault or portal could change. At any time you can collapse or expand the left menu to gain more space using the arrows on the top right corner of the main menu:

Expand and Collapse main menu using the arrows on the top inside corner

The basic tabs you can find on a menu inside a vault:

Company tab / First tab

Area that welcome the vault owner and where they can find all the company folders expanded, welcome image and any checklist assigned (if applicable). User can also find a Side Panel with quick article or resources link.

Company tab to welcome client, displaying dashboard image, checklist and help links.

Document tab

Users can collapse and expand this tab to find more options:

All Documents

Section where all folders type are displayed, and user can change their view options preference and due advance filter by entities, uploaded by, etc.

All Document section, see all folder types


Section where vault owners can find their unique inbound email only and all documents that were sent via this feature. If the client has Premium vault, then you can saved document directly to this area and saved it later. If you have an Essential vault, they will be only able to find documents sent via the inbound email address.. By default administrative user don't have access to this section. Vault owners and managers can add additional access to collaborators to this section. 

User with access to this area will still be able to search for documents in this location, if they don't have access then the search won't show any result. 

Unfiled section, share you inbound email address and get documents directly to the vault.


Find all the documents that you have share with others via encrypted link and the ones have been share with you by other vaults owners inside the same portal. You can get an overview if when was share the document and with who, you can even click on the document to remove their access.

Shared tab, access a lst of document vault owner has shared with others


Find all the documents that have been deleted inside a vault, users can restore them from here and depending or their role will be able to permanent deletethem from the vault.

Restore or permanent delete files


Section inside the vault were the vault owner or manager can see the full list of all reminders created on each document or can create stand alone reminders.

List of Reminders


Section inside the vault were vault owners, manager and administrative users can create contacts and manage their permissions. Depending on their portal settings, they may see two inside tabs: Collaborators and Users. 

Under the Collaborator tab they will be a list will of all the contacts that have been created inside the vault by the vault owner, manager or administrative user. When a contact is created by an administrative user a label "Sponsor Created" will be added plus any extra contact type (Manager, Trusted Advisor). User tab will display all administrative users created under that portal.

This Contacts section can be used as a small personal CRM for the vault owner or manager. You can identified your relationship, add extra information, associate the contact with a documents without giving them access to the vault or entities. Click on Contact Type to filter by Trusted Advisors, Manager, Contact, etc. Under View Options, you can see an overview of the total documents associated or shared via encrypted link.

Small personal CRM with a list of all contacts and their permissions

Help & Support

Users can collapse and expand this tab to find more options:

Help & Support

What's New

Get information about new features, system enhancements and bug fixes. A bubble with the number of new items will be displayed on the What's New section and it will disappear ones a user open this section. You can use the labels on the top to filter by topics.

What's New - List of new features, improvements, bug fixes, etc..


Quick how to do videos inside a vault.


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