Check out the latest Admin Portal Updates!

Modified on: Wed, 21 Jul, 2021 at 10:01 AM

We launched some new and improved features into the Administrative Portal on July 19. This will benefit both Professional and Enterprise platforms!

We launched some new and improved features into your portal on July 19 and we’ve outlined them below! Feel free to share this with your team members to ensure they know what’s available to them.

Check out the New Features in the Head Office Portal

1. Add reference numbers to client vaults (ex. Rep Codes & Client IDs)

We now allow reference numbers to be added to Client Vaults, allowing you to add any type of client ID to the vaults both historical and new. This is the first iteration of this feature, if you have comments or questions, please reach out to

2. Filter by Vault package types

Do you have multiple vault packages you offer to Clients? If so, this one is for you, filter to view specific Vault packages at one time. Speeding up the Distribution of Documents and Checklists as well enabling another way to view Client Vaults in the Administrative Portal. 

Check out the New Features in the Enterprize (Multi-Tier) Head Office Portal

3. Representatives viewing the Client List now shows the group name that the Vault is associated to

Previously, when head office representatives accessed the client list it showed a complied list of client vaults without any indication of the advisor/group they were associated with. With this latest update, you are now able to search for the Advisor/Group name to display only the clients associated with that group.  

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