Discover the main tabs in your vault (Legacy version - V3)

Modified on: Tue, 15 Mar, 2022 at 6:05 AM

Your vault has different tabs in your main menu that will allow you to see different areas in your vault.

Company tab

If a company provided your vault, you would see a first tab with the company or the vault name. When you click here, you will see all the company folders, any image selected by the company and /or checklist assigned to your vault. On the left of the page, under the plus button, you have the option to change the icon view by clicking on View Options and selecting List View or Grig View.

All Documents tab

According to the type of vault you have, you will see all the company folders and your personal & business folders in this tab. Normally, the company folder will have a different colour and could have an image to identify it easily. The personal & business folder will be light blue with a pre-defined icon. Currently, users cannot add categories or subcategories. 

You can change your current folder and document view by selecting "View Options":

  • Icon View: it will display folders and documents with icons.
  • List View: it will show folders and documents in a list, providing column headers with more information about documents that the user can use to filter or sort items.
  • Full View: it will display all the categories and subcategories on one page. Sub-categories with documents inside will be highlighted in black. This view is only available in the main All Document tab. When the user clicks on a folder will change to the List View.
  • Grid View: it will show grey blocks with icons of all the categories. 

Unfiled tab

An area where you can find your inbound email address manages all the documents sent to your vault and the documents that are not properly filled when uploaded. 

Shared tab

In this tab, you will find a list of all the documents other users have shared with you and a list of the documents you have shared with external users or other contacts.

Delete tab

This area will display all the documents you or other collaborators or administrative users have to delete. You can restore them from here. Only vault owners and managers can permanently delete all the files. Exception: If the file was uploaded and deleted by an administrative user vault, the owner cannot delete them.

Reminders tab

This area will display all the reminders attached to a document or without documents. Vault owner, managers and Trusted Advisors with access to this tab can create reminders without a document. Users can right-click to view the details, edit, open the document attached to the reminder or delete it from here.

Contact tab

An area where you can set up the permission of your contact. In this area, you will see the different types of contacts in your vault. You can use the header on the column to filter them.

  • Sponsor: If your vault was provided by a company, the administrative user with access to your company folders will be automatically added to your contacts. If you have a Premium vault, you can click on Set Permission to provide them with extra access as a Trusted Advisor or as a Manager of your vault.
  • Trusted Advisor: contact with access to a specific entity and folders. It can also have access to other tabs in your vault-like Unfiled, Contacts or Reminders.
  • Manager: a contact that has the same permission as the vault owner. They can manage entities, contacts and has full access to the vault.

Checklists tab

If a checklist has been assigned to your vault you will see this tab. The checklist is an administrative tool to gather some documents, you can see the percentage of completion on this page. To open the checklist just click on the name.

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