Lots of entities? Search for specific entities when uploading documents

Modified on: Mon, 26 Oct, 2020 at 8:53 AM

If you have a lot of entities, this new feature is for you! When uploading documents, you can now search for specific entity names, to help you quickly and easily tag the document. Making the uploading process even easier.

Finding the right entity the document belongs to while uploading is now easier than ever, with this new search option. Click on the header and type in the name from there select that entity to tag the document to it and voila, this document can now be found under this entity. 


Uploading is even easier now! 


Note: An entity is like a separate filing cabinet in the vault, allowing you to store and organize document pertaining to different accounts/individuals/companies/etc. all in one place. By selecting an entity ipon uploading a document, it adds a tag to that document.

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