What is the general layout of your portal

Modified on: Thu, 22 Oct, 2020 at 3:57 PM

Users will found this general layout. Depending on their role the option will change:


Trusted Advisor

1. Main Menu

Depending on the user role and the type of portal they are accessing the options in the menu will change.

You can use the hamburger icon to hide the menu to provide you more space to view your documents.


Vault owners / Managers users will see:   

  1. Company tab
  2. All Documents
  3. Unfiled
  4. Shared
  5. Deleted
  6. Reminders
  7. Contacts
  8. Checklist 

If the company that provided the vault assigned a Checklist to the vault the vault owner will see this tab.
If an item was assigned to a TA then they will see the Checklist tab.

Trusted Advirors will only see the tabs according to their permissions.

Trusted Advisor

  1. Client List

2. Center area


Depending on the tab you select in the main menu different fields and tables will be displayed. In this section, the folder and documents will be displayed.

Trusted Advisor

A list of the vault you have access as a Manager or Trusted Advisor.

3. Top ribbon


You will find here icons that will allow you to perform or access different areas of the vault: search bar, toggles between open documents, view in-app notifications and the menu settings.

Trusted Advisor

You will find your name and your role. When users click there they can go to their Account Settings, Log out or switch between accounts and other vaults.

4. Sub-menu


The sub-menu will add more functions when you go inside a sub-category.


Trusted Advisor

THe Actions button will allow you to access a vault and see the detail page of your contact.


5. Help & Support

Will be the same for all users

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