What's an Entity?

Modified on: Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 4:59 PM

An Entity is a feature that allows users to organize and segment documents related to different entities (individuals, businesses, organizations, etc.)  and users can manage the collaborator permission based on these entities. Tagging documents to the correct entity allow users to use the FutureVault’s patent-pending Dynamic Visualization technology. 

It’s like having multiple filing cabinets in one vault. You can search and see all the documents in one place or toggle on and off each entity to only access the documents related to them.

The number of entities available in a vault will depend on the package assigned by your vault provider or direct contract with FutureVault. 

All vaults have a default entity set with the name of the vault. All documents uploaded by your the company is providing the vault will be automatically tagged to this entity and cannot be removed if the document is located under a company folder. If a company sponsors your vault, we highly recommend renaming the default entity to GLOBAL or the the Company Name.

You can add essential information like Business Numbers, addresses, etc., to each entity for quick access.

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