Folder Types and associated Badges

Modified on: Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 4:51 PM

In a vault, depending on the tier (portal type), role, and access level, users, clients or collaborators usually have access to two basic folder structures (also describe as Taxonomies): open folder taxonomy and fixed folder taxonomy, and each folder structure has different folder types which are identified by Badges. The fixed folder structure is defined by the organization that is providing the vault to interact with clients and collaborators. Let's learn in detail about all. 

Folder Types

Fixed folder structure

There is a predefined Level 1 (Category) folder level and one or multiple Level 2 (Sub-categories) folders level that cannot be created, deleted, or modified. Users cannot move, delete or save documents under a Level 1 folder. However, any users can create folder under a Level 2, called Level 3,4, etc. Currently any new folders created under a company folder can only be delete or edit by an administrative user.  All documents uploaded to these folders are automatically added to the default entity of each vault.

Company Folders

These are the custom folder structures defined by the company that allows the exchange of documents between. This type of folder can be identified with the following properties:

  1. Will have a distinct color.
  2. Could have a logo in the folder icon.
  3. They are owned and managed by the administrative users of the portal.

OBA (Other Business Activity) Folders

This folder can be identified by an OBA Badge. 

Only available if approved by the Head Office. This new folder feature allows Advisors to requests a fixed OBA Folders to their Clients Vaults that only the Advisors and Clients have access to, giving them privacy and equipping Advisors with the ability to efficiently manage all Outside Business Activities within the Vault. Head Office users are not authorized to access these folders.

Global Folders

This folder can be identified by a GLOBAL Badge.

Global Folders are an efficient way to share standardized material and documents with many recipients (via a Global Folder) in one simple action. Clients will be able to view and download only these documents.

Open Folder folder structure

Users, clients and collaborators can create, delete or modify folders and saved documents at any level. These folder types are only available if the client has a Premium vault package or an Independent vault.

Personal Folders

These folders can be identified in the All Document because they have a different color than the company folder. Some clients may only have available these type of folders. 

These folders can be accessed only by the Vault Owner, however, he/she can further provide access to these folders to other third-party collaborators such as family members, trusted advisors, and administrative users

By default, the Vault Owner has a predefined Entity structure. The vault owner or manager can add or remove Entities to these folders.

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