Administrator & Representative Portal Updates

Modified on: Fri, 17 Jul, 2020 at 12:13 AM

Check out all of the updates and new features in your portal here. There have been changes made to the checklist feature, contact creation, and other.

Some of the updated included in the 3.9 release are:

Contact Creation: 

Administrators and Representatives can now create contacts and add Trusted Advisors or Managers on behalf of clients. Giving more permissions to the Admins and Reps to help you with setting up your clients' vaults. All the contacts that you created will have the label "Sponsor Created" to quickly identify it.  


Client List:  

  • Now you can see at a glace the "storage used" of your clients right from your admin portal on the "Client List."

Menu changes: 

  • Changes to the Actions menu in your Client List: we made some small changes with the names we use in the system. Rather than seeing 'Client Details' or 'Activate Client' you will now see more general terms. 


  • We also changed the following in other menus: 

Settings menu - 'Client Access' is now 'Vault Access' 


Top banner when accessing a vault 



You asked for it, and we delivered! Now when assigning a checklist, you don't need to send the email notification right away; just click on "Don't Send" when the system asks you. 


If you decide later, that you'd like to send it, you can go the Checklist and select the user to send the Email Notification. Everything will be tracked within the History tab. 

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