What's New for Administrator & Representative users

Modified on: Thu, 21 May, 2020 at 9:41 AM

Are you an Administrator or Representative? Click here to learn more about the new features that have been added to your portal!

Client List: We introduce the Add New+ button next to Actions so that you can create your clients’ vaults in just one click.


Users: Now, you can also resend the activation email to your administrators and representatives. Go to your User tab, use the column filters by Account and select “Invited.” Right-click on the user and click on Send Activation Email.



Notifications: Administrators and Representatives can now receive an email notification when a vault holder, trusted advisors or manager upload a document into your company folders. You can enable this in your Account Settings, under the Preference tab.


Checklist: We improve the visual of the checklist, and now we support multiple lines under the document description.

Sorting: You can keep your sort preference while you navigate in your portal. When you have your sort preference, it will show it in blue colour.

Enable page links in the client's vault: Now you can bookmark a page inside the client vault, or share the URL with others. If the user has the proper permission, they will be prompt to log in, and after that, they will be able to view the document. 

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