New Column Visibility & Sorting Preferences!

Modified on: Mon, 1 Nov, 2021 at 2:56 PM

Long file names? Files not in the order you want? No problem! You can now hide other columns to give more space to show the name of a file and you can switch up the order of documents by changing the sorting options. Give it a try today! 

Column Visibility

We are introducing a feature where you can hide columns that are not relevant to you, giving you more space to display other information like file names. To do this, just click on “View Option” and deselect the columns you wish to hide. 

You can always unhide columns by selecting "View Options" and clicking the column that you would like to see again!

Please note that these settings will reset each time you log out.

New Sorting Options

To follow sorting best practices, we have also changed the default sorting preference of documents from document name to date modified, so you can view all of the new documents added to your vault first. With this, you can also choose to sort your files the way you want!  

To do so, select the column header that has the filter symbol beside it, and choose your preferred way to sort your documents (ascending or descending, last modified, etc.). 

View before sorting:

Your sorting options:

Once you have selected a sorting option, the sort icon will turn blue to indicate that you have a sorting preference saved. To change this, simply select the column header again, and choose another option. 

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