You can modify or change the Document Form in each document. To start using the summary form, click the “Document Summary” tab, and you can start filling out the form with the most important information from the document. 

Step 1. Locate the document you would like to edit then click on the Document Summary tab.

Step 2. Click on “Use Form” or “Edit”.

Step 3. Enter information into the document summary form.

Step 4. Add a contact by clicking “+ Add Contact”, this tags the contact to the form.

Step 5. Search and click for the contact in the drop-down box, then select a suggested label.

Step 6. Click “Save” at the bottom of the document summary form.

NOTE 1. If the form is not suitable for this type of document, you can change it by opening the SuggestedDocuments/Labels bar. Drag and Drop the file to the desired new label. Changing a label may delete the information already entered in the Document Summary Form.

NOTE 2. You can also change the label type at the bottom of any open form and search for the appropriate label.There are more than 400 forms available.