Assign a contact as a Trusted Advisor to have them collaborate in areas of your Vault that you choose. They will login acting upon your behalf having some of the functionality you have but restricted to the areas you allow them to see.

All Trusted Advisor’s actions are recorded in the History tab of each document. Trusted Advisors cannot delete folders, permanently delete documents, create or delete Entities or add other Trusted Advisors. To add one of your contacts as a Trusted Advisor follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to “Contacts” and select the name of a contact you want to make a Trusted Advisor.

Step 2. Once in the contact’s page, check the box next to “Trusted Advisor”.

Step 3. After you click on “Trusted Advisor”, select “Edit Permissions”.

Step 4. Check what areas the contact will have access to, if any – Unfiled, Contacts and Reminders.

Step 5. Select what Entity or Entities they will have access to.

Step 6. Select the categories and subcategories in that Entity you want them to access.

Step 7. Once all preferred areas have been selected, click “Save”.

NOTE 1. You can choose if you want to send the invitation email now or later. Remember, you will need to send this invitation so that your Trusted Advisor can gain access to your Vault. Once, your contact receives the invitation email they will have to set up their own login and password.

NOTE 2. Your contact, now a Trusted Advisor, will appear with a light blue outline around their picture/initials boxand a label of Trusted Advisor to the right. To edit their permissions again, click “Edit Permissions”.