This feature allows you to set a reminder for yourself and others which will be sent by email. All reminders are attached to a specific document, and you can add more than one person to the same reminder.

Step 1. Open the document you want to create a reminder for, click the “Reminders” tab, then click “+ Set aReminder”.

Step 2. Add the subject and body of the message for the reminder notification email.

Step 3. Select an Event date. For example, when is the expiration date of your passport, and click “Done”.

Step 4. Click on “+ Remind Another Contact”, if you want to send the same reminder to another contact. Select the contact that you want to send this reminder to and when you want to remind them (in days, weeks or months before the event date).

Step 5. You can preview the reminder email that will be sent by clicking on “Preview notification email”.

Step 6. Click “Save” to finish.

All contacts added to the reminder will receive an email notification. You will also get a notification in your Vault.

NOTE 2. You can preview all your reminders in the “Reminders” area located in the top menu. You will also be able to see all people associated to each reminder.