You can share your documents with your contacts or you can send a link to other contacts outside of your Vault.

Step 1. To share a document, open a document and click on the “Share” tab on the right-side panel next to the document view.

Step 2. Then click the “+” icon to launch the sharing pop-up.

Step 3. If the person you want to share the document with is in your contact list, type their name. If the person is not a contact, you can type their email address and click enter. You can also send the document to multiple people at once.

Step 4. You can add an expiration date to limit your contact’s access to the document. After the specified date, your contact will no longer be able to view the document. If you don’t add an expiration date, the link will be active until you manually remove their access.

To add a date, select “Yes” then click inside the “When” box and the calendar will open. Select the desired expiration date, then click “Send”.

NOTE 2. After you share a document, you can remove their access at any time, by clicking on the arrow next to“View” and select the option “Remove Access”.