How to Create Folders?

Modified on: Fri, 12 Jul, 2024 at 4:43 PM

Creating folders is essential for organizing and standardizing document management in our system. Here's how you can efficiently create folders based on your user permissions and package features. 

Creating Folders under Company Vaults

Providers of the vault have designed the first two levels to better organize and standardize document sharing.  So users cannot create folders at these levels; instead, navigate under a level 2 folder where creation is permitted.

Premium Package Features

If you have a premium package, as a primary owner or co-owner, you can create personal folders at any level within the system.

Quick Ways to Create Folders

  1. Using the Shortcut SHIFT + N

  2. Using the Right-Click Function:

    • Right-click within a directory where folder creation is allowed.
    • Select "New Folder" and specify the name and optional icon.
  3. Using the Plus Button:

    • Click on the plus button on the top bar.

Adding Icons to Folders

When creating a folder, you can personalize it by adding an icon. Click on the + sign next to the folder name input field to select an icon.

Assigning Entities to Folders

For users with multiple entities, folders can be assigned specific entities. This feature automatically tags documents uploaded to that entity for streamlined organization.

Other Methods to Create Folders

  • During Document Movement or Uploads:
    • When moving documents from unfiled locations or trying to upload to restricted areas, the system prompts a folder structure popup.
    • Click the folder creation icon at the top right corner of the popup to create a new folder. Then, specify name, icon, and entity.

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