How to create Entities?

Modified on: Wed, 14 Jun, 2023 at 1:18 PM

Depending on the package that has been assigned to the vault and your role, you will be able to create more Entities to organize your life and business documents. To add / created entities you need to your Entity Management page

On this page you can check how many has been used, and the total available, see how many documents has been tagged, and change any detail.

Info! All vaults have a default entity set with the name of the vault. All documents uploaded to the company folders are tagged to this entity and cannot be removed. You can add additional entities but not remove the default one.

Recommendation! Before you start uploading documents create all your entities. You can rename the Default entity to Global or give the name of the company provider. We recommend creating an entity for each family member (Partners, children, parents), business, charities, etc. 

Creating Entities

1. Click "Add New Entity."

2. Add a name to your new Entity (mandatory field)

3. Select the Entity Type (mandatory field)

4. Add more details about this entity for quick access in the future (address, Business number, etc.)

5. The system will automatically assigned a color, but you change it by clicking on the suggested colors or select your own color by clicking on the bucket.

6. Click “Save”.

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