How to create Entities?

Modified on: Fri, 10 Jun, 2022 at 12:29 PM

Depending on the package that has been assigned to your vault by your sponsor, you will be able to create more Entities inside your vault to organize your life and business. You can check how many entities your vault has by going to your Account Settings under the Preferences tab.

Users on the new 4x system, you can also check this information inside the Entities tab and see how many entities you have used and you can still create.

Info! All vaults have a default entity set with the name of the vault. All documents uploaded to the company folders are tagged to this entity and cannot be removed. You can add additional entities but not remove the default one.

Recommendation! Before you start uploading documents create all your entities. We recommend creating an entity for each family member (Partners, children, parent), business, charities, etc. 

Creating Entities

In the Entity tab, Click "+ Add New Entity."

Step by Steps

Legacy users:

1. Assign a color to your new Entity.

2. Add a name to your new Entity 

3. Select the Entity Type

4. Fill the information in the Entity summary form if necessary

5. Click “Save”. 

Info! Depending on the Entity type the Summary form will change and if you have a Premium vault folders related to that specific entity will be added to your private side.

A pop-up will confirm the creation

New 4X users:

1. Assign a color to your new Entity.

2. Add a name to your new Entity (mandatory field)

3. Select the Entity Type (mandatory field)

4. Click on Entity Details if you want to fill out more information about this entity (address, Business number, etc.)

5. Click “Update”.

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