You have 2 different ways to upload a file:

  1. Using the Upload button: At the top of every page, you will find the "+Upload" button. Click it to upload a new document into the VaultHolder's Vault.

 a) Click on the "+Upload" button located on the top bar.

     b) Step 1: Document Upload. Click on Select File or Drag and Drop a file in the gray box.

 c) Step 2: Document Location. Select the Category and Sub-category where you want to save the document and click "Next".

d) Step 3: Document Type. Choose a Label for your document, and check the box of the Entity(ies) That a apply to his document. Click "Done".

2. Direct to the Sub-category using the Suggested Documents/Labels list: 

        Inside each sub-category are a list of suggested documents to help complete your directory.

      a) Go to the sub-category where you want to save the document.
      b) Click on Suggested Documents/Labels to display the list.
      c) Click on the name of the Suggested Document that best suits the3 file. It will open a window where you can search for your document(s), select your file(s) and click open.  Click in the arrow next to the Suggested Documents/Labels to close the list.

  d) Click on the new file to preview it.