If you cannot see all your documents and folders you may have one of the following options activated:

1. "Show only categories that contain documents" is active.  When you have this option active you will only see the folders that have documents inside them. The name of the subcategories will be in black to indicate they're active. To deactivated this option go to:

  • Documents> My Documents and uncheck the box for "Show only categories that contain documents". Now you will be able to see all folders in gray that do not contain any documents.  When a folder has a document inside subcategory will appear in black .

  • Document View > click "Settings", uncheck the box of "Show active folders only". You now will see the active folders.

2. Filter by Entity. To view one entity at a time uncheck the other Entity check boxesYou will have access to see only the categories, subcategories, and documents related to that specific entity. 

For example if you have check only a Corporation Entity you will have available folders like: Human Resources (Benefits, Employee Records, Payroll, etc.), Minute Book (Shareholders' Agreement, Share Certificates, etc.), and Operations. However, folders more related to your personal life will be hidden like Family, Health & Medical, Estate, etc. 

If you keep only your Personal Entity and unclheck your other Entities, you will see your personal folders Education, Estate, Family, Health & Medical; and the folders for your other Entities may be hidden.