You can share your documents with FutureVault users or send a link to other contacts outside of FutureVault. To share a document follow the next steps:

1. In your document view, click in the "Share" Tab.

2. Click the Plus icon.

3. A pop-up window will open for you to fill out the information required:

· To:  If the person you want to share the document with is in your contact list simply type the name. If the personal is not a contact you can type the email address and 

        click enter. You can also send the document to multiple people at once.

· Subject: The system will automatically add a subject for this email; however, you can change it if you like.

· Message: The system will automatically add a description with the title of the document that will be shared; however, you can change it if you want.

· Add an expiration date: You can add an expiration date to the link to your document, meaning that after the specified date your contact will no longer be able to view your file. If you don't add an expiration date the link will be active until you manually remove the access . To add a date just select "YES" and calendar will open. Select the desired expiration date.

4. Click "Send" to finish sharing your document. The person you share the document will get an email link to view the file.

In the "Share" tab you will see a number of people you shared with, and the details of the each sharing.

Other tips

  • You can remove, change or add the expiration date by clicking in the date.
  • You can manually remove the access by clicking in the arrow next to "View" and selecting the option "Remove Access".