FutureVault will alert you when you receive a document from an unrecognized email. Before saving the document you need to add this email to your Trusted Email list. 

To trust an email you can:


1. Add it manually on the Security page:

a) Click on your name in the top right corner, then go to: Account Settings ->Security->Trusted Emails.

b) Click the plus icon, next to the title.

c) Add the email in the gray box, and click the save icon.

2. Automatically add it when you are in your Unfiled section :

a)  Click the red message "Unrecognized email address!".

b) A message will be displayed letting you know that you have never saved a file from that email before. Click on "Trust this Email Address", the red message will disappear and the 

    email address will be added to the list of Trusted Emails in the Security area.