You have a few different ways to upload a file:

  1. Using the Upload button: At the top of every page, you’ll find the "+Upload" button. Click it to upload a new document into your FutureVault 

     a) Click on the "+Upload" button located on the top bar.

     b) Step 1: Document Upload. Click on Select File or Drag and Drop a file in the gray box.

 c) Step 2: Document Location. Select the Category and Subcategory where you want to save your document and click "Next".

d) Step 3: Document Type. Choose a Label for your document, and check the box of the Legal Entities that apply to this document. Click "Done"

    2. Direct to the Subcategory using the Suggested Documents/Labels list: 

        Inside each subcategory are a list of suggested documents to help complete your directory.

      a) Go to the subcategory where you wish to save the document.
      b) Click on Suggested Documents/Labels to display the list.
      c) Click on the name of the Suggested Documents that best suits your file. It will open a window where you can search for your document(s), select your file(s) and click open.  Click in the arrow next to the Suggested Documents/Labels to close the list.

  d) Click on your new file to preview it.

    3. Through the Inbound Email: Each account comes with its own inbound email address. This email address allows you to attach or forward an attachment into your Vault account. To find your inbound email, click on your name in the top-right corner, go to My Account Settings > My Profile > Inbound Email.


Once the file is stored in your FutureVault account, you will get a notification in the top right corner next to the bell icon. Click on the bell to see the notifications. All of the documents sent by email will be in your "Unfiled" area where you can leave it or move it to My Documents.