3.7 release is here

Vault – Improvements

1. On your company tab. We introduce the “View Options” feature in your company tab, and users can choose to change your view options. This feature was only available on the “all Documents” tab before.

2. Checklist improvements:

  • Open document right from the checklist after uploaded.
  • Manually check the box to mark an item as complete or mark an uploaded document.
  • Unassigned contacts in one click.

3. Dynamic Visualization improvements. Now you can select all your Entities on the right panel in one click.

4. Introducing the Notification page. Users now have a separate page where they can view and dismiss the notification received from the system. To open this new page, click on the bell in your top-right menu, and select “See all notifications.”

Click on the checkbox to dismiss any notification. Also, now you can view all notifications (the new and the dismissed ones) by clicking on your View Options, “Show Dismissed Notifications.”

5. Reminders: We added new reminder types, just click on the arrow next to General type, to found them:

  • Authorization
  • Administration
  • Contribution/Withdrawal
  • Reporting

Admin Portal – Improvements

  • Improving the user experience when administrative users are accessing a client’s vault. We upgrade the pop-up message that we had before, and now, when you go inside your client’s vault, a new permanent top-bar will alert you about which vault you are accessing, and will give you a direct link to go back to your “Client List.”
  • Checklists: Be able to add tasks and documents to your checklist.

  • Unification on the look and feel on your User List.

Some small bugs fixed:

  • Notifications were crashing the mobile app.
  • No able to find documents that were tagged on level 4 folders.

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