Closing the year with 3.4 and 3.5 releases

We are constantly working to improve your FutureVault experience. Keep reading to learn about the latest updates and new features now.

For Admins & Reps:

  1. Faster access to a Client’s Vault. Right-click > Access Vault new action.
  2. A new message that lets you know that you are temporarily accessing someone’s vault.
  3. Polish client profile page. Keeping the same style.
  4. Now you have more control. Administrators will now be able to send activation emails to created accounts at any time until the user accepts the Invitation.
  5. Check out the latest improvements on our Checklist feature:

 - Now you can also unassigned Clients from a Checklist

 - After reviewing the checklist completed by a client. Admins and Representatives can now unlink documents from the Checklist, resetting the completion process. 

 - Add and update internal notes regarding a client’s checklist.

-  You have now access to a general Checklist History and a Checklist history by client. Start your using this feature to enjoy all these improvements.

New Features

  • Client Dashboard
  • Global Folders

Ask your Account Manager about how to activate these features.

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