When you receive a document from an unknown email, you can block this email from Unfiled section.

  • Sign in to your account and go to Documents> Unfiled.
  • Click the name of the document with the red message "Unrecognized email address" to activate the preview of the document.
  • Click the "Block" button.
  • The system will show you an alert letting you know that no more emails will be received from that address. Click "OK".
  • A confirmation message will show. Click "OK".

You can always manage your blocked email list in My Account Settings> Security. There you can remove or manually add the email address.

 To manually add an email address click in the plus button next to the title "Blocked Emails".

• Manually add the email you want to block.

 Click the "Save" icon.


• To remove it, just click in the "X" next to the email address.