You can tag a document to one or more Entities if you need, that way when you are filtering your documents by Entity they will show in 2 different entities at the same time.


If you have already uploaded the document:

· Go to the document preview.

· Below the document name and other locations, you will find the Entities field. Click in the arrow to display the list.

· Check or uncheck the entity you want to add or remove the document. If you are adding it to an Entity a small square with the color of the entity will show the in small   document icon.


If you haven't uploaded the document you can use:

a) The upload button:

· In the step 3 you can choose the entities.

          b) The list of Suggested Document/label to upload:

                  · Check the entity in the top bar before adding the document. 

             · Once you upload the document it will automatically add the entities that were marked.