Assign a contact as a Trusted Advisor to have them collaborate on the areas of your choice. They will login acting upon your behalf having the same functionality you have, but restricted to the areas you allow them. Trusted Advisors actions are also recorded in the History Tab of each document.

To add one of your contact as a Trusted Advisor follow the next steps:

  • Go to Contacts and select the name of your "Advisor".
  • Check the box "Trusted Advisor" located above the profile picture area.

You can limit their access to some entities and folders. 

First, you need to check the entity or entities they will have access too.

Second, select the categories and subcategories in that entity you want them to access.

You can also give them access to your Unfiled area to help you file your documents.

Once you click “Save” your contact will then receive an email link indicating your request for them to be a Trusted Advisor for your vault. You can always come back and edit their permissions at any time, you only need to open the contact again and click on "Edit Permission" next to the Trusted Advisor box.

Your contact, now a Trusted Advisor, will show with a light blue outline around their picture/initials box.