The Entity feature acts as a master document filter that allows you to browse documents specifically by their owner. Add your Spouse, Small Business, Holding Company etc., and check off which entities you would like to browse.

To create an Entity click on your name in the top right corner, then go to: My Account Settings -> Entity. 

Fill in the form information, select what type of Legal Entity you need (Solo Proprietorship, Limited Liability Corporation, Person, Partnership, Corporation, Cooperative, Charitable Foundation, Family Trust) and click "Save".  

You will then see it in the top left corner next to the name of your Entity with a square color for quick visual reference.

Now, when you upload a document you can choose in the 3 to which entity apply. 

Now any document owned by ‘Ontario 123456’ will now be tagged with a pink icon for quick visual reference. 


When using Suggested Document/Label to upload a file all the active Legal Entities will be automatically added to the document.